Fall Down the Mountain

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Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Combaticons/Bruticus

There were some good ideas here but I think they fell a little short. These aren’t bad toys - Vortex and Blast Off are really good figures that hold up on their own, Swindle is good, Brawl and Onslaught have their short comings but aren’t terrible - but I can’t deny being a disappointed overall in the set. Hopefully next years combiners will succeed where Bruticus did not.

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Transformers Prime Bumblebee vs Starscream

Both of these figures are repaints of the First Edition toys. I bought the set mostly for Starscream but also to get a feel for the Prime figures in general. This set came out when I (like many others I’m sure) were over Bumblebee toys filling shelves. That said I was really pleasantly surprised by Bumblebee. 

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I always find it odd how Tumblr seems to pretend a person doesn’t exist when you lose a follower. When you look at the activity graph it never shows a dip back down. It just plateaus. 

Please don’t mistake this for anything other than an observation by the way. What I like isn’t necessarily going to be what every one likes and that’s ok. Big thank you to all of those who are following and enjoying what I have to share here.